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About Us

Welcome to Waso Tea Enterprise Limited

Waso Tea Enterprise Limited is a  Kenyan company specialized in the export of Bulk and Value Added Tea.

The Company is already expanding exports in tea globally by doing intense marketing. The company is incorporated and duly registered, licensed by relevant Government bodies and agencies. The Company has made strategic partnerships with interested buyers in the following countries. Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Poland, far Asia, Russia, Uzbekistan Chinese and Canadian markets and is keen to exploit these markets by intensive marketing

Waso Tea Enterprise Limited specializes in the export of Kenyan tea products, mainly Kenyan Black CTC (Curl Tear & Cut) teas for grades BP1(Broken Pekoe), Pf1(Pekoe Fngs), PD(Pekoe Dust), Dust 1 oolong tea, purple tea, green tea and white tea. These types of teas are much sought after for for export. Even though Black CTC teas command highest market share, Orthodox teas’ demand has risen gradually in the international markets and now competes with black teas. New differentiated tea products, such as herbal and Purple tea, are in the market and have created growing demand for specialty herbal and organic teas.


To be a market leader and a provider of the highest quality tea to our customer’s satisfaction.


To innovatively market Kenya High Quality tea globally


Excellent customer satisfaction in tea provision globally in conformity with good international corporate standards while upholding positive impact on societies and environment.

Core Values & Principle

Professionalism, Integrity, team work, client focus, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Transparency and accountability. Providing a healthy cup of tea is our core responsibility and its one of most important aspect of services to customers. Tea has always been a safe and healthy drink.

Our Principles:

  • Establishing and maintaining working relationships and contractual agreements with all importers for both mutual benefits
  • Creating a recognized blending floor and straight line brand of specialty, our teas will be blended and packed by our tea packing department in Kenya to meet international standards.
  • Increasing profit margin with the use of Waso Tea Ltd proven technology in the new facilities.
  • Effectively communicating to current and potential customer’s Marketing us as a differentiated provider of the highest quality Kenyan tea.

Quality Policy Statement

We listen to customers and work to deliver uncompromising high quality tea that meets their expectations and needs.

Promote and nature the talents and abilities of our employees so as to encourage them to realize their potential and recognize their contribution to the success of the organization.

We shall manage our products as a system of interrelated processes and measure their effectiveness against the organization objectives.